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11 September 2020

Welcome Back!

Welcome back everyone! It has been so nice to see you all in person. Also, we have all survived our first full week back in school--well done to all. As you already know, we have 'hit the ground running' as we have a lot to cover. Many thanks to parents, in advance, for all you marvellous...

22 June 2020

Years 3 & 4 Bible Stories

One of the challenges set for home learning in Years 3 & 4 was to retell the stories of Noah's Ark or Daniel and the Lions in an interesting way. We've once again been blown away by the creative and fantastic ways in which families have responded to this task and wanted t...

18 June 2020

Fantastic, Thought-provoking Work

This week, one of our class produced a fantastic timeline about slavery as he wanted to learn about what happened hundreds of years ago and still, sadly, happens today. He was shocked to learn about how people were, and still are, treated differently because of their skin colour. His observa...

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